Market Information

Market information

The Middle East Toy Market is worth approx. US$1.35 Billion per year with growth running at a level of 11.8% per annum.

The average yearly expenditure per child on toys and video games in the Middle East is US$327 which makes it twice the level of children in Europe and the second largest spend after North America.

Dubai is the distribution hub of the region and is a gateway to 1.5 Billion consumers. The Dubai Ports Authority is ranked number 13 in the world demonstrating the volumes of consumer products that come via Dubai for distribution throughout the region.

The region has one of the world’s fastest growing populations, rising at over 6% annually.

The Gulf provides a wealthy market as it has over 45% of the world’s total oil supplies.

Shopping mall space in the Gulf has been increasing by nearly 50% each year for the last few years. Leading chains such as Toys R Us are planning a number of major new stores to be opened in many of the major new mall projects.

There are currently plans to spend over US$26 Billion on

building new shopping malls in the Arabian Gulf States over the next five years with projects such as the Mall of the Emirates being built to offer 2.4 Million Square Feet of Retail Space and the Mall of the Emirates with 3.2 million square feet. In the next five

years the United Arab Emirates will have over 100 Billion square feet of retail space.

The number of kindergartens and play centres has more than trebled in the past five years and the number of available places for primary school education has grown by 37%.

Over 50% of the national populations of the Arabian Gulf States are under 16 years old and the average number of children of the families of national citizens is five children.